The Bright Side of Corona

(It’s not nice to fuck with Mother Nature)

So nature is currently having a Hitler moment and is on another one of her killing sprees. Who can blame her? We seem to have done our very best to earn nature’s wrath, and yet we still have the nerve to act surprised when it happens. Has anyone else ever had the feeling that we’re headed into a shit storm of our own making?

There are those who believe the planet itself is one big living entity able to sense and regulate itself in a semi-conscious way. Not unlike the human body maintains homeostasis without the human mind ever having to think about it. It really isn’t that crazy an idea if you ponder the nature of NATURE.

Think of a bio-dome or an eco-system and how everything works in concert for the ultimate benefit and survival of life. When viewed in this light, what part do we play in that symphony? What does Mother ‘think’ about us? What if mommy wants to abort her unwanted child? Is everyone ok with that? Not so sure when you’re the aborted are you?

Imagine for a moment that the Earth IS conscious. Now, put yourself in mother’s place. Think about human history for a moment. Our predilection for killing each other. Our fascination with killing in general. Imagine you are watching one of your children slaughter, to the brink of extinction, the rest of the kids and regularly threatens to commit mass murder/suicide on a global scale. You might think about smothering that one in the crib, especially if you were totally rational–like nature is. Morals to mommy are not the same thing as they are to us. “Nature’s yes is yes and her no is no” R.W.E. She means what she says and she NEVER lies.

Heath ledger joker

So, maybe we need to rethink this. Perhaps the corona virus isn’t such a bad thing after all. Perhaps, nature is trying to insure the survival of not just us, but the entire planet by…you know… killing a few hundred thousand people here and there. Or maybe she’s trying to communicate. Yes! That must be it. She’s trying to speak to us and I think what she’s saying is “Stop being assholes or I swear I will turn this car around!” or something to that effect. And nature is impartial when she kills. There are no favorites. She vents her murderous rage upon all her children equally.

Sometimes she kills Africans, sometimes its Asians, sometimes Gays and at least once a year, in the spirit of diversity, she sends the flu or a tsunami or CORONA to kill everyone equally. She lets the Europeans kill each other, they’ve gotten really good at it. Very Multicultural of her/him/it or whatever the correct pronoun is. So what might these, as yet unrealized, benefits of the Corona Virus be?

First, there are just too many people. Every day more of us are born and we grow up to be assholes who shit in rivers, drink $3.00 plastic bottles of water, and walk around with our face down in our phones while crossing the street. We seem to live in a haze of consciousness. Now you might say “It’s not the I-phone generation getting whacked, it’s Mam-maw and Pap-pap!” Well social security is running out and besides, they smell funny. It’s not like we killed them ourselves.

The next reason…Unity! Human beings, assholes that we are, just love to become unified every time there’s a “crisis”. It’s all you hear about. As people are actually taking their last breath, some jackoff on TV is patting us all on the back for being so unified. Question. Why do people have to DIE, for us to unite? And why do we all so readily blow each for doing something we’re already supposed to be doing anyway? But at least we’re united.

Unified in our inability to be honest with ourselves as a society and incapable of recognizing our moral schizophrenia. We lament that the world is dying. We scream global warming; racism, sexism, homophobia, hunger, war, radioactive waste, chemicals in our water and our food, dwindling natural resources, crime and poverty, THE ICE IS MELTING!– but at least I can upload a selfie without hanging up on my boo— maybe a few less of us isn’t such a bad thing.

We might at least stop to look at how We ALL live our lives before we judge the virtue of corona, or even that of Hitler. We, collectively, are way bigger assholes that he was. Were just better at lying about it. That’s why we always refer to him. He’s the universal “at least I’m not that bad” scapegoat for civilization to justify its crimes. We do it all the time. There was actually a study done to try and figure out how long it takes before someone brings up old Uncle Adolph. After all, that’s what he is. That’s his role in our big fucked up family. He’s that drunk uncle who scares the shit outta little kids and will one day end up in a bell tower with a sniper rifle, wearing a dress.

“So what if I constantly contribute to the slow suicide of the planet by my very existence, at least I’m not like Uncle Adolph!” We effectively deny reality while congratulating each other on how awesome we all are. Oscars, Nobel’s, Pulitzers, etcetera, etcetera… We never tire of giving awards to each other for noticing our hypocrisy. We vicariously congratulate ourselves through them for being such good people and so woke while driving our cars around eating fast food and wasting money on a new fly pair of Jordans. #Winning.

We constantly run around making a show of how loving and empathetic we all are. We volunteer, we give money, we write songs and hold hands and tell everyone how we are going to get through this together. It makes my stomach churn. The absurdity of this stage show we produce. Right now some ass-hat is writing a commercial using “We’re all in this together” as the hook so they can sell us more shit we don’t need that will end up in a landfill next year.

We make movies and write books, we do studies and make graphs meticulously documenting our crimes as we commit them, we’re good at that. But do we, as people, stop driving our cars? Nope. We would rather say ridiculous things like, “Well everyone else does it” or “what about my job, or what about the economy? Junior has to get to his play date” Or some such bullshit when what we really mean is, “I like driving and I like money and I’m planning a vacation and YOU are being a nuisance! GO AWAY, and stop saying things that make my brain fight with itself” Cognitive dissonance has that effect on people, it causes them to sound like idiots whenever they speak.

We tell childish lies, stubbornly refusing to suffer or sacrifice anything while demanding everyone else live by silly laws like ‘don’t steal other people’s shit or burn it to the ground… nobody cares! Nobody listens anymore because we know how hypocritical we and our silly pretentious laws really are. How are you giving me a ticket? People are blowing each other up, children are starving and within 3 blocks of anywhere someone is overdosing on pharmaceutical grade carphentinil. Shove your ticket in your earhole you slave! It’s surreal and its absurd, and we know it.

Deep down in the dark recesses of the collective unconscious, in a place we don’t want to admit even exists, where we can’t hide from the truth, no matter how hard we try to silence it with drugs or alcohol or possessions or sex, we all have a voice that speaks to us. We know who and what we are.

It seeps out in our art all the time, from Dante to Independence Day, Walking Dead, Revelation, Armageddon and End Game. We have a cultural death wish. An innate need to answer for what we’ve done, that is born of fear. Even our silence convicts us as it whispers “Coward” while we stand mute in the presence of evil. We may try to hide by saying those are only a few works of art by a few people. But remember how popular those works and the multitude of others like them have always been. Godzilla is coming, and we can’t wait. Be honest, how many of you can admit that when the Corona virus hit, a small part of you sighed relief and said “Finally”

But you say, “What about all the beautiful art? What about love and hope and riding unicorns through flower filled fields farting rainbows?” Well, all I can say is, if the planet is the Canvas and history is the Paint, we have created a monstrosity. Grotesque and brutish, and just because we can’t look away doesn’t make it beautiful.

History is marked and time is kept by the wars we’ve fought and while we still insist on blowing each other up for, reasons, we have advanced as a civilization far enough to kill everything else while we’re at it. The day when we set aside our pretentious “we’re all in this together” shit and resume our suicidal march toward the abyss is just there on the horizon. In fact it’s already begun. How many boiled eggs did it take for us to start throwing political shit at each other over this “global crisis?”

That’s why we like guns so much these days. I know, that was quick, life’s short, try and keep up. Sure, we hunt with them because, reasons. Bad ones that don’t make sense anymore. But what’s really sending us to Walmart with junior’s college money is fear. Consciously we think and say “I buy guns for self-defense or hunting” or whatever– but that’s all bullshit.

We buy them because in the core of our being we’re terrified and we have no remedy for the faceless, merciless dread we all feel. We carry it with us, and it’s this sense of powerlessness and helplessness that is misunderstood by the ego as weakness. Pride then drives us to deny our weakness and so we lie. We lie to each other, we lie to our children–we lie in our history books and on the nightly news–but most of all we lie to ourselves.

Fear torments us, controls our mood, molds our thoughts and dictates our actions. We cannot hide from it so we try to buy our freedom from fear with home security systems, car alarms, cameras everywhere, police armed to the teeth, and armies wielding the power of global annihilation. Do we need to have the power to destroy absolutely everything to feel safe? Does that even make sense?–It’s all just insurance. A salve on our guilty collective conscious. We buy insurance in all its forms. That’s what a gun is for most people, the ultimate insurance policy. When all else fails, lock and load!

Why? How did we get here? How, in the span of a few thousand years, the blink of an eye really, have we fucked things up so badly? We are our own worst enemy. Our fear never leaves us in spite of all our efforts to vanquish it because we carry it with us wherever we go. Fear is the unwanted child of humanities infidelity. The fear of death is killing us.

And in case you’re reading this–indignantly thinking “Not me, that’s other people” Let me unburden you of your illusions. Do you drive your car to the corner market? Do you buy a bottle of plastic with water in it once you get there? Could you use public transportation but you don’t because, reasons? Do you really need me to go on? Have you become so callous and obtuse that you failed to recognize this before now? Or have you known all along? And which of those two scenarios is worse, do you think?

Let’s add up all the suffering and death and pollution caused by the lust for oil. Not your fault? Really. You are the end of that line. Why do you think all that oil is pumped out of the ground? It’s to make you/us happy. If we didn’t buy it, they wouldn’t make it. So what do we do to alleviate the guilt and personal responsibility for this crime, and the multitude of others just like it that we all commit every day? We demonize the oil companies, or the Arabs, or the car manufacturers–and we tweet. Precious.

The corona virus is not bad. It has no motive for what it does. In fact, it is in harmony with nature and the life force of this planet. If it seems to spread a little too far a little too fast we have only ourselves to thank. And yet, true to form, Humans ascribe motive by the words we use and the way we relate to the disease.

Pandemic. The word has no inherent malevolence, but has come to represent in our mind a seriously dark and sinister event. Black, deadly, tragic, critical, plague, threat. The words we use are an insight into how we think and should, at this point in human history, raise suspicion.

Whenever we humans start talking about something in vitriolic terms there is a disturbingly high probability that we are demonizing something that frightens us and that our perception may be skewed. This skill that we have, to objectify, rationalize, and act destructively should be rather familiar by now, it’s the very same as that which we’ve always used to justify our crimes. And there it is! The perfect set up for a Hitler reference.

It’s why the ice is melting. It’s why the animals are dying. It’s why the oceans vomit our trash back at us as we walk along the beach. The corona virus has no malicious intent. Can we say as much? Whether in our behavior toward each other or toward Nature, are we able to honestly claim moral superiority to anything? People die from disease, it’s a fact of life. Arguably the ground for the meaning of life. It’s pre-ordained.

But premature death is an offense to Nature and upsets the natural balance. Viruses fall into the category of natural checks designed to maintain balance. Does heart disease? Lung cancer; car wrecks, drug overdoses, hell our hospitals kill 90,000 people every year by preventable medical mistakes.

I realize grandmother can’t catch a car wreck at bingo. All I’m saying is that It seems odd that we stopped the world from turning for a cause of death not of our own making, while not really doing anything to restrain our own bloodthirsty tendencies. WW2 was only 80 years ago. Should we really be pretending to be enlightened humanists? But oh yeah, I forgot. That was all Hitler.

So what are the virtues of corona? Well, seems the air and water would be a little cleaner, other life would be a little safer and there would be a few less assholes wandering into traffic while tweeting. And all we have to do… is nothing. But we can’t do nothing, we are unable. We constantly get in the way of Nature’s attempts to correct us and save the planet. We refuse to face reality. We think we’re GOD. We can do no wrong. Corona virus is a tragedy we say. The Chinese are responsible, or The Army did it. It must be terrorism! But it’s not. We’re not that powerful. We’re not that smart. We’re not that important. We need to get a grip on reality SOON.

Just sayin’

Published by Bill Banner

Addiction Research, Social Philosophy, Social Psychology, Political Theory, Public Relations, Political Consulting, Social Commentary, History, Science, Consciousness, Religion & Universal Truth. RN, BSN.

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