Immortality: Quantum Field Theory May Hold The Key

Quantum Field Theory (QFT) is the cutting edge in physics and the most accurate theory in science. It’s also the least understood most confusing theory in all the scientific world. Developed over the course of 20th century from the efforts of many physicists contributions QFT is the closest we have to a Theory Of Everything.

QFT has answered many questions, like what is the fundamental nature of matter, what is the stuff of the universe made of, and how did the universe begin. But for all its accuracy and descriptive power QFT has left science with more questions than it answered.

It also opened the door to possibilities that were thought, not so long ago, to be sci-fi fantasy. One such possibility is finding the key to immortality. From concepts like the soul and Heaven to legends of the Fountain of Youth, humankind has been trying to outsmart death since we realized we were mortal, and QFT just might prove to be the end of that quest.

One of the discoveries made in Quantum Mechanics (QM) is that of Entanglement which describes the relationship between two bits of matter, or particles, that are inherently bound to one another, even if they become separated by great distance.

This binding together of separate pieces of matter was what Albert Einstein called spooky action at a distance. Einstein himself was confounded by the strangeness of Quantum Mechanics and even questioned its validity as an accurate description of reality.

But in the years since Einstein’s departure from the scientific scene, other physicists like John Bell have filled in some of the blanks and confirmed the accuracy of QM and the spooky action of entanglement.

Simply put, the two particles of matter are linked by an invisible field that extends throughout space/time and are able to “communicate” with one another instantaneously through their connection to the field and thereby to each other. In fact QFT tells us that the particles themselves are actually a manifestation the field itself.

So what? What does any of this have to do with immortality? Well, QFT has given us a deeper understanding of the nature of matter and therefore of us, since we are just a bunch of particles clumped together. If entanglement works with a little piece of matter there is nothing in QFT or QM forbidding the same effect on a bigger piece of matter, like a person.

Physicist Anton Zeilinger is heading up a team in the Canary Islands conducting experiments into the transmission of information between two distant points instantaneously using entanglement and QFT. They are basically Scotty on board the USS Enterprise, beaming things from one place to another.

They’ve successfully “beamed” particles around many times over recent years. The implications of this kind of technology are virtually limitless. Machines like the “Med-Bay” from the sci-fi movie “Elysium” are not only conceivable, but are actually theoretically possible, as is Scotty’s Transporter.

Mind blown, right? But wait, there’s more. QFT also may give us insight into topics like consciousness and reincarnation, past and future lives and the essence of Being.

To put it as simply as possible, QFT describes all of reality, all of the universe, everything that is, as the expression of energy in a field. When energy interacts with one of the fields described by the theory, a particle associated with that field emerges.

One of the consequences of this is that the information that a particle experiences can be said to be intrinsically linked with the quantum field in a way that conserves that information within the field itself. And since the field exists at all points in space/time, then that information would also span the entire universe.

This idea gives rise to the metaphysical question of consciousness. If entanglement allows for the transfer of information from one particle to another across the vast expanse of space/time, then perhaps the unique information or energy that we are made of and have interacted with is recorded within the wave state of reality.

In other words, who we are, our memories, our personality, even the sound of our voice; Everything we are and every experience we have ever had, has been captured by the particles we are made of, which interestingly enough are constantly being replaced and rearranged, and then recorded within the fabric of the universe itself.

It also leaves open the question of time. If that information has been absorbed by the quantum fields, which are limitless and timeless as they are actually the universe itself, could the field transmit information from a future version of you to a past version of you? Could such a process illuminate our perspective on ESP and premonition?

Finally, reincarnation may also be reality because, if the field is infinite, and time is infinite, and information is conserved according to QFT and QM, could an exact replica of you be produced by the universe in a future Big Bang? Probability theory expressed in the Infinite monkey theorem states that anything that can happen will happen if given enough time. So if time is infinite, then an exact reassembling of the universe we experience, including you and I, will inevitably take place again. All we have to do, is wait.

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