The War on Drugs:

A Study in Cognitive Dissonance & Moral Schizophrenia

The War on Drugs which began with Nixon in the early 70’s has been underway for a half a century. Has it worked? How’s the drug problem in America today compared to 50 years ago? Of course the answer is “No, It hasn’t worked, things are much worse.” But why exactly? Why have the methods we’ve employed to address the drug problem failed so miserably that the problem is exponentially worse than when we were ignoring it 50 years ago?

Is it because there are more drugs to choose from? Well yes, but why is that? Are there more people using drugs than before? Seems there are, but again, why? Are there more people selling drugs than before? Yep, any thoughts on why that might be?

This is what I mean by Moral Schizophrenia. With one hand we treat addiction as a crime and with the other we pretend to treat it as a disease. Think about that for a moment. That’s how we came up with things called “Drug Courts” where Judges give “criminals” the option to seek medical attention and become “patients” rather than go to jail to be prisoners.

I’ll just leave that there for you.

Mark Twain said, “Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.” I’m wondering that myself lately.

We have codified Cognitive Dissonance as legal writ. It’s impressive really. Smart people tend this garden of the absurd every day. Judges, lawyers, supposedly smart people—and at no point do they stop–look at each other, and say “Wow, this is really dumb, what in the flying fuck are we actually doing?”

Why do they keep at it, plugging away at a problem they are in part causing? Are they afraid to be the one to say something?—Are they even aware of how ridiculous they are?

Our response to Drug addiction has been an abject failure that has in fact produced more suffering and chaos, than if we had simply done nothing. Why? Well as I’ve indicated, most of us need to change our perspective about who we are and what America is to see it, even though the answer is obvious.

Occam’s razor states “Plurality should not be posited without necessity” which means the simple obvious answer is almost always the truth. That fits.

The criminalization of drug use is profitable.  It’s the best way to make the most money with the least overhead. It really is that simple.

This is America, that’s what we do. We see problems as opportunities, figure the most efficient way to profit from it rather than solve it, and proceed to implement our “solution” Then we effectively market our product as essential and effective thereby deceiving people into supporting it. We never intended to fix the problem because there’s no money in that. We create demand once we see a supply. It’s a perversion.

Addicts are neither criminals nor patients. They are to a greater degree than we want to admit, victims. Victims of an insanely dysfunctional and absurd society. The people aren’t sick or deviant, the culture is. The people aren’t unjust, the law is. The people aren’t the crazy ones, it’s the silly, contradictory civilization we live in that’s hanging upside down in the back of the cave, Bat-shit Crazy! In fact, when confronted with the absolute absurdity of the world, combined with the total sense of helplessness to change it or even survive it without going mad, drinking and drugs make pretty good sense.

What do you think?

Published by Bill Banner

Addiction Research, Social Philosophy, Social Psychology, Political Theory, Public Relations, Political Consulting, Social Commentary, History, Science, Consciousness, Religion & Universal Truth. RN, BSN.

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