BY: Mind&Matter

The Technological Revolution and the Global Proliferation of Electronic Mass Communication have, for better or for worse, drawn the human race into The Technological Consciousness, and has enabled the mass proliferation and propagation of information to billions of people in every part of the world.

People on opposite sides of the globe can now converse and commerce with one another at the speed of light. The potential for misunderstanding and distrust that previous generations had to contend with when interacting with other people in other places—should have been swept away—but it hasn’t. As closely connected as humans have become via the internet—cell phones and the like—we’ve never been further apart in other, more significant ways.

The term polarized is used so often today that it has lost its depth of meaning. We are becoming desensitized to the distance we have put between us. What we believe we see is a growing chasm opening up—that threatens to swallow us all. This divide is felt all over the world—but in no place as pointedly as here in the United States.

Left and right, male and female, black and white, rich and poor, red states and blue states, Fox and CNN, Life or Choice—who’s right and who’s wrong. These are only a few of the battle lines we have drawn between us.

Duality in human nature has long been a topic of philosophy. The distinction between mind and matter for instance—and what significance if any it may have for human historical development—has been questioned and answered by some of humanity’s most enlightened minds—only to be revived and revisited in the next generation by new, even brighter minds.

At the core of these questions is a desire to understand who we are—and what our lives are about. What significance there may—or may not be—to our existence. In short—what have we been about- at the end of the day? We must think about and talk about humanity’s relationship with itself, and just maybe we can find some common ground.

For as diverse and divided as we constantly claim to be—there’s more space between us than behind. That chasm we see is an illusion, the real threat approaches with each backward step we take… from one another.

Perhaps we might try to take a few steps forward, before we slip off the edge—and into The Abyss.

Published by Bill Banner

Addiction Research, Social Philosophy, Social Psychology, Political Theory, Public Relations, Political Consulting, Social Commentary, History, Science, Consciousness, Religion & Universal Truth. RN, BSN.

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