Hi There! We’re Mind&Matter

Welcome to Mind&Matter Media

M&MM or MM&M—either way works! Two M’s was taken—twice unfortunately. But as it is with so many things in life—we couldn’t let it go.

The versatility and potential of ‘Mind&Matter’—whether as the title of a blog—a philosophical concept or for the many other possible—um…possibilities— were too great. We were stuck on it.

by: M&M’s

Plus we liked the company we were in. So…we added another M—simple fix.

We like ‘Mind&Matter Media’—it flows nicely. Let us know what you think.

Which brings us to—the reason—the purpose—the point—The Mission   (cool music plays)


A process that has become oddly unfashionable lately—sad to say. No one wants to think for themselves anymore—and it shows. It seems most people prefer to outsource their thinking—like we’ve done with all the other hard work in our cozy corner of civilization.

However, unlike those poor bastards in china who are sewing tennis shoes together with their teeth right now—the people we’ve outsourced our thinking to —suck at it. The Politicians and the Media folks have been poor stewards of the house.

So…the mission of Mind&Matter Media— the… M-M&MM? (We’re—gonna have to work on that…) Is to provide a platform for freethinking, nonconformist, out of the mainstream people—who’ve been thirsting for a place where logic and rational thought is explored and expressed.

Danger! Do not enter if you can’t laugh at you.

Notice I left out the obligatory “Please be respectful…and don’t say this…and don’t say that”  I left that…stuff– out- because it’s implied in the definitions of the words logic and rational. And—who cares? Sticks and stones champ—and… free speech—and…bite me.

We’re going to cover any topic that impacts our lives today—provide sound factual information on those topics—and communicate our thoughts with one another. And maybe sell some T-shirts. ‘Merica!’

No topic is off-limits. We’re going to begin with health issues like drug addiction and abortion, various social issues, free speech, and of course politics. We’ll probably talk a lot about religion and race and equal rights too. Then we’ll see where it takes us! You know, the good stuff! ‘Follow the yellow brick road!’

In other words we’re going to piss off the faint of heart—separate the wheat from the chaff—and have some fun!

Greek angel facepalm

Our team is currently preparing a variety of short articles—some of which are informative—some are philosophical—some funny—some sad—hopefully all worth your time.

We here at… mmm mmm hmmm—(Good grief)

—also look forward to inviting your input as we move along in a variety of ways.

The site is in its infancy and we’re adding new stuff all the time—please keep coming back to see what’s up.

So pack the bong, or don’t, totally up to you,—grab some Oreo’s and milk—and let’s see where this goes!


The Mind&Matter Media Family

MF?  nope…also taken. 😉

Published by Bill Banner

Addiction Research, Social Philosophy, Social Psychology, Political Theory, Public Relations, Political Consulting, Social Commentary, History, Science, Consciousness, Religion & Universal Truth. RN, BSN.

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