Hi There! We’re Mind&Matter

…unlike those poor bastards in china who are sewing tennis shoes with their teeth right now—the people we’ve outsourced our thinking to —suck at it.

You’re Fucking High!

In spite of hundreds of billions of dollars spent over decades of time and millions of people arrested and jailed the problem of Drug use and abuse has only increased and not just marginally, but overwhelmingly. So, what guarantee do I have, in the system we now employ, that my Doctor isn’t high?

Hillbilly Elegy

No, were talking about eternally smoldering, systemic, biologically inherited, saying you’re not racist means you’re a racist… racism. As American as Colin Kappernik wearing a dress while eating an apple pie and kneeling during the National Anthem; then sauntering of the field to relieve himself in the wrong bathroom.

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